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Sports Performance

Like our corporate and bespoke events, our sports performance Boot Camps are designed to bring your team together and build camaraderie and a fighting spirit with everyone pulling together to achieve a common goal......but this event really isn't for the light hearted so make sure every member of your team bring their A game! Your sessions will be "sports specific" combined with military style training and will be tailored to meet and improve technique and ability in your teams chosen sport. Techniques like plyometrics, power training, weight training, circuits, sprints, skipping and propioception training are a few of the things that will be included in your programme.

Sports performance Boot Camp is a great concept to include in your teams pre-season preparations, or to break up the plateau of training during your teams season or even to be included as part of your teams fitness regime throughout the season.

Your team will have an inspirational motivating and challenging but fun experience and will be educated in ways of improving themselves in the gym or on the field to better themselves as an individual player and as part of your team.

But be warned, in the Bodyfit360 Sports Performance Programme, our trainers GO HARD and exercise the saying "pain is weakness leaving the body"